“I Was Never Taken Hostage”: Gender Minister Disputes Police Report


Monrovia- The Minister of Gender and Acting Chair of the Cabinet Madam Julia Duncan Cassell says at no time was she taken hostage by angry mob in Greenville, Sinoe County as stated by the Liberia National Police.

Responding to a police release issued in Monrovia on Tuesday and published by libpolitics.wordpress.com, minister Cassell said she had left the scene and was on her way to River Cess County before the riot started.

“I was never on the scene when the whole riot started so how can someone claim I was taken hostage?” Asked Minister Cassell.

The police’s release alleged that demonstrators took hostage several individuals including the Gender and Development Minister, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister who was injured, and an Indonesian worker of the company. The police claimed that both ministers were released upon the intervention of the police and UNMIL adding that they intervened in an attempt to bring the situation under control, but to no avail.

The LNP stated that it had dispatched a team of Police Support Unit (PSU) and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to Greensville, Sinoe County to curb a violence demonstration on the facility of the Golden Veroleum by a group of citizens.

The Demonstrators, armed with cutlasses and other deadly instrument   attacked the GVL mess hall and looted several items causing other company workers to flee into nearby bushes for safety. They set up roadblocks to prevent the police from reaching the riot scene according to the LNP.


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