Gender Minister Taken Hostage: As Sinoe Citizens riot against Golden Veroleum



Demonstrators in Greenville City, Sinoe County have taken hostage several individuals including the Gender and Development Minister Julia Duncan Cassell and Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf and an Indonesian worker of the company. Sirleaf is said to be injured but was released along with minister Cassell upon the intervention of the police and UNMIL. They intervened in an attempt to bring the situation under control, but to no avail.

In a release issued in Monrovia on Tuesday May 26, 2015, the Liberia National Police said it has dispatched a team of Police Support Unit (PSU) and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to Greensville, to curb a violence demonstration on the facility of the Golden Veroleum by a group of citizens.

The Demonstrators, armed with cutlasses and other deadly instrument allegedly attacked the GVL mess hall and looted several items causing other company workers to flee into nearby bushes for safety. They set up roadblocks to prevent the police from reaching the riot scene   .

The Liberia National Police at the same time have held talks with the leader of the demonstrators to prevent further destructions in the county.

Police Director Chris Massaquoi in a telephone call made to the leader of the demonstration warmed him of the consequences of their action, stressing that the law will take its course where necessary according to the LNP release.

“He informed Mr. Terry Pirnos head of the demonstrators, that the Liberia National Police will not tolerate any form of violence and encouraged them to channel their grievances through the proper channel and avoid any form of disturbances that have the propensity to create fear in the minds of potential investors,” stated the police release.

The Police Chief assured the management of GVL of the police continued protection of their facility and other concession companies in the country.



One thought on “Gender Minister Taken Hostage: As Sinoe Citizens riot against Golden Veroleum

  1. So who’s telling the truth about this story or was it a hoax? The Gender Minister said she was not held hostage and in fact, she left the area before the riot took place. Could this piece be another journalistic miscalculation? Or would it be another political cover up to ease the tensions between the people and the government? It beats me that reporters would just make up such a story that involved a minister and a president. Could the Police Director and his people also be faking this story? But then again, this is Liberia.


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